1: What is Model United Nations?

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the United Nations and other international bodies, where delegates take on the roles of diplomats, ambassadors, journalists, NGO agents, renowned experts, and government ministers. These delegates come together to discuss some of the world’s most pressing issues, and work how to address them.

2: Why participate in NTUMUN?

NTU Model United Nations (NTU MUN) is one of the most prestigious international event organized by the NTU Debating Society, one of NTU’s premier clubs. Since 2006, students from around the Asian region have come to the Nanyang Executive Centre to spend a weekend discussing important geo-political and social issues. NTUMUN is a unique platform for you to meet, discuss and collaborate with equally motivated and talented peers on the most relevant issues from across the globe. Over 500 participants from more than 12 countries graced NTUMUN 2016, and our network continues to grow to bring to you a challenging environment in 2017. In the past, NTU MUN has been graced by guests such as His Excellency Mr Paul Madden, British High Commissioner to Singapore; Her Excellency Ms Amanda Brooks, Acting British High Commissioner; Ambassador Barry Desker, Dean S Rajaratnam School of International Studies; Prof Rohan Gunaratna, an International Terrorism Expert; Ms Yeo Law Hwee, Director of the European Union Centre in Singapore; and Mr Geoffrey Yu, Advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Singapore.

3: Where will NTUMUN be held?

NTUMUN will be held in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

4: Do the participants need to possess MUN experience?

Delegates don't need to have experience in Model UN, or even the field of international relations. Students of all backgrounds and level of experience are eligible to register for NTUMUN, so long as they have the ambition to learn something new and to meet other like-minded students from around the globe.

1: Who can attend NTUMUN?

NTUMUN is suitable for students enrolled at any JC, Polytechnic, High school or University.

Singapore is a very tourist-friendly place where it is incredibly easy to get around. There is a taxi stand as soon as you get out of Baggage Claim in Changi Airport and the taxi drivers should easily be able to bring you to NTU. Look at the “contact” section for more details.

2:How many delegates can represent a school?

There are no restrictions on the size of the delegation.

3:What is the registration fee?

Details about the registration fee can be found at Payment.

4: How do I register?

Participants can register at the ntumun website www.ntumun.com. They may also contact the delegate affairs team at contact@ntumun.com for any issues faced during registrations.

5: When will registration open?

Early Bird Registrations open on the 15th of October 2016.

6: When is the deadline for registrations?

Details about deadlines can be found at Timeline.

7: How do I know that my registration is confirmed?

Once you register, you will receive a mail from us within 48 hours confirming your registration. If you do not receive a mail from us within 48 hours, please mail into contact@ntumun.com to confirm that we have received your registration.

8: What if my university does not have a delegation?

Delegates are allowed to participate as individuals if their university does not have a delegation.

9: Am I allowed to choose my country in a council of preference?

While we understand that the country you represent will shape your experience at the NTU MUN 2017, we cannot in all fairness allow you to choose your preferred country. We can however, assure you that your choices will be taken into consideration. This said, all countries within each council are such that they will have a significant scope for participation.

10: I don’t have a passport yet, is that a problem?

Not while you are registering, but you will need one to travel to Singapore. However, if you intend to apply as a delegate with accommodation, we will require your passport number by late December for administrative matters.

1: How do I go to NTU/Will there be an airport pick-up?

In the case of local delegates, we expect you to reach NTU on your own on all three days of the event. For those availing accommodation services with us, transportation will be provided to and from the conference post check-in. For transportation from airport, delegates will have to arrange this on their own. Singapore is a very tourist-friendly place where it is incredibly easy to get around. There is a taxi stand as soon as you get out of Baggage Claim in Changi Airport and the taxi drivers should easily be able to bring you to NTU. If you need any assistance with regards to this, please inform our Delegate Affairs team at contact@ntumun.com .

2: Do I need a visa to travel to Singapore?

Please check the ICA website to see if you require a Visa.

3: How do I apply for a visa? How long does it take?

Participants who have a local contact with a SingPass account – a password used in Singapore Government online services, which all Singapore citizens/Permanent Residents/Employment pass holders should have – can apply online through the ICA website. This type of application takes one working day to process (excluding day of submission). If you do not have a local contact, please apply through the Singapore Overseas Mission in your country. Please check the respective mission’s website for more details, as the application period varies. Also, please take note that the organizing committee will NOT be able to act as local contacts for visa applicants. However, we can assist you with any letters needed by the Embassy for the purpose of the visa.

4: Will insurance be included in the fees?

No, the registration fee does not include any form of travel insurance. International participants are advised to get your own insurance before travelling to Singapore.

5: What is the climate in Singapore? What clothes should I prepare?

Weather in Singapore is generally hot and humid. However, the buildings are mostly always air-conditioned and tend to get slightly cold. Participants will be expected to be in business attire during all council sessions. On socials night, smart casual attire will do.

6: If I travel with a teacher/guardian, do you provide facilities for them as well?

The registration fees do not include accommodation for any teacher/guardian. However, for any teacher/guardian wishing to accompany the delegation/delegate we will provide all the services such as accommodation, transport and meals at a charge(equivalent to local delegate fees).

1: Will NTUMUN provide any training to the delegates?

NTUMUN will provide study guides to the participating delegates for preparation. However, no training will be provided, as we believe in independent learning with the right guidance.

2: Are position papers required for NTUMUN?

Delegates will be required to submit position papers to their respective chairs two weeks prior to the conference start date.

3:Are pre-written resolutions allowed at NTUMUN?

No, pre-written resolutions are not allowed in NTUMUN conference.

4: Is attendance taken at committees?

Yes, attendance will be taken at the committees. Delegates are not allowed to miss more than two sessions without valid reasons in order to be eligible to receive participation certificates.

5: Can I win awards?

There are many awards to be won like, best delegate, best position paper, best press delegate and so on. Follow our Facebook page for updates and insights.

1: What is the dress code for the conference?

Standard delegate attire for the conference is dress shirt and pants, suit jacket, tie and dress shoes (for boys), and a smart suit or dress (for girls). Sneakers, jeans, shorts, caps, sunglasses, and other casual wear are not acceptable in committee.

2: Should I bring a laptop?

Delegates are encouraged to bring along laptops to the conference to be able to access timely conference information, participate in committee communication, read about special conference features, and for the ease of information exchange with their fellow delegates and Committee Chairs.

3: Who are the committee chairs?

Details about the committee chairs will be updated on our Facebook page, so stay tuned for updates.

1: Does NTUMUN provide accommodation?

Yes, NTUMUN does provide accommodation at a fee. Please check Payment for more information regarding the fee for students availing accommodation facilities.

2: Are meals provided during the conference?

All meals during the conference dates will be provided by NTUMUN.

3: Can NTUMUN offer assistance to delegates with disabilities or special requirements?

Any request for special assistance will be dealt with on case-by-case basis. Delegates can contact us at contact@ntumun.com for further queries.

4: Will NTUMUN offer financial assistance to any delegate if necessary?

NTUMUN registration rates are already subsidized by the university. No further financial assistance will be provided.

1: Will there be any time to see Singapore?

The conference dates are 17-19th February during which there might not be time to go around Singapore. However, the delegates may feel free to extend their trip before or after the conference for exploration purposes.

2: Are there any other activities other than the formal council meetings?

Most participants enjoy NTUMUN so much because of the combination of a formal and a social program. Instead of sending our participants to their hotels after the sessions each day, we put a lot of effort in organizing social events. We do this to make sure that you see more than the inside of your council room, and to stimulate the intercultural integration. The social program also means that it’s not a problem for you to come alone as a delegate.

3: What if I have other questions?

Any other questions regarding can be addressed to contact@ntumun.com